Thursday, April 28, 2011

Witth Love and Sorrow for Your Loss.

Terrorists are not soldiers, they are criminals who abuse the priviledges of a free society to attack indiscriminately, usually against civillians. When they strike, for whatever reason, they are attacking the logsitics of civilization that allows free movement within it by exploiting the vunerabilities that we all accept to live in societies that are aceptable to us. An attack anywhere within a free society is an attack against us all. Of course we feel sympathy for Morocco. Today it was them, tomorrow it could be you or I. Any loss of life must be prevented at all costs no matter who is involved, especially civilians.
Why are they even attacking in Morocco, what has it done? Is it because Morocco is considered not muslim enough by the Jihadis? People forget that, for all attacks on non-muslims eat up the headlines, the primary victims of Jihadi violence have been muslims.

RIP to all the victims in Morocco.


  1. Yeah ive a lot of sympathy for the people Morocco. Dangerous days for them and I wish them well.

  2. its a fight surrounding idealogies rather

  3. Actually I believe the attack was aimed at this restaurant because it is a popular tourist hot spot, and they knew if they managed to hit some foreigners they'd get international attention.

    I agree, religious extremism needs to be stopped.

  4. that's an interesting point, man