Friday, April 15, 2011

Name the dish, please.

Sorry i haven't posed stuff in the last couple of the days. It was midterms week and many of you know how stressful it can get it. The good thing is that my spring break vacation begins now, and I would not be going to school until April 26th.  Yesterday my girlfriend stopped by my house and brought me some amazing dish!
I'm trying to figure out what this stuff was my girlfriend brought home and she said she order it  from a local mideastern restaurant but can not recall it's name.
It had lentils and chick peas and what looked like chopped up spaghetti pieces in this spicy red sauce. This was soooo good, the sauce had a sweet taste, but definitely spicy undertone.
A friend of hers had made it but she didn't catch what it was called. Any ideas?
It might be Koshari.


  1. i definitely dont know what that is, i dont think ive ever had middle eastern food before lol. Im officially on spring break as well, woohoo

  2. omg That looks so freakin' amazing. You have made me so damn hungry now......

    I wish I knew what it was xP

  3. it's called om nom nom. :D

  4. does not matter what it is....
    but looking very testy!!!

  5. That looks like it has already been eaten...

  6. it sounds amazing. Please post if you find out the name, I want to try it :p